Articles | Volume 20, issue 11
30 Nov 2002
 | 30 Nov 2002

Bursts of ULF noise excited by sudden changes of solar wind dynamic pressure

V. Safargaleev, J. Kangas, A. Kozlovsky, and A. Vasilyev

Abstract. We present the results of analysis of the dayside magnetic pulsation response to a sudden change in solar wind dynamic pressure. We concentrate on the events when a burst or a series of short-lived bursts in the Pc1 frequency range with the repetition period of 7–15 min were observed on the ground around the local noon. Not every impulse of large amplitude caused this phenomenon. We have found that the ULF bursts were excited when the spectrograms of the DMSP satellites showed a signature of 10–30 keV ions in the vicinity of the magnetic flux tube of the ground observatory, that may be related to a geomagnetic storm preceding the event. In light of this finding a possible model of the phenomenon is suggested in which the hot protons influence significantly both the generation and modulation of Pc1 activity.

Key words. Magnetospheric physics (solar wind – magnetosphere interaction; MHD waves and instabilities; storms and substorms)