Articles | Volume 20, issue 9
Special issue:
30 Sep 2002
 | 30 Sep 2002

Estimating random transverse velocities in the fast solar wind from EISCAT Interplanetary Scintillation measurements

A. Canals, A. R. Breen, L. Ofman, P. J Moran, and R. A Fallows

Abstract. Interplanetary scintillation measurements can yield estimates of a large number of solar wind parameters, including bulk flow speed, variation in bulk velocity along the observing path through the solar wind and random variation in transverse velocity. This last parameter is of particular interest, as it can indicate the flux of low-frequency Alfvén waves, and the dissipation of these waves has been proposed as an acceleration mechanism for the fast solar wind. Analysis of IPS data is, however, a significantly unresolved problem and a variety of a priori assumptions must be made in interpreting the data. Furthermore, the results may be affected by the physical structure of the radio source and by variations in the solar wind along the scintillation ray path. We have used observations of simple point-like radio sources made with EISCAT between 1994 and 1998 to obtain estimates of random transverse velocity in the fast solar wind. The results obtained with various a priori assumptions made in the analysis are compared, and we hope thereby to be able to provide some indication of the reliability of our estimates of random transverse velocity and the variation of this parameter with distance from the Sun.

Key words. Interplanetary physics (MHD waves and turbulence; solar wind plasma; instruments and techniques)

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