Articles | Volume 19, issue 7
31 Jul 2001
 | 31 Jul 2001

Estimates of the field-aligned current density in current-carrying filaments using auroral zone ground-based observations

M. A. Danielides, S. Shalimov, and J. Kangas

Abstract. We described the ground signatures of dynamic substorm features as observed by the imaging riometer, magnetometers and all-sky camera (ASC) at Kilpisjärvi, Finland on 5 and 25 October 1999 during the late evening hours. The magnetometer data was consistent with the motion of up-ward field-aligned currents (FACs) associated with absorption patches moving within the field of view of the riometer. We used riometer data in order to estimate the intensity of FACs associated with these local current-carrying filaments. It is shown that during these events, the estimated FAC intensity exceeds a threshold value that corresponds to the excitation of the low-frequency turbulence in the upper ionosphere. As a result, a quasi-oscillating regime of anomalous resistivity on the auroral field lines can give rise to the burst-like electron acceleration responsible for simultaneously observed auroral forms and bursts of Pi1B pulsations.

Key words. Ionosphere (active experiments; auroral ionosphere; electric fields and currents)