Articles | Volume 19, issue 3
31 Mar 2001
 | 31 Mar 2001

F2-layer parameters long-term trends at the Argentine Islands and Port Stanley stations

A. D. Danilov and A. V. Mikhailov

Abstract. The ionospheric sounding data at two southern hemisphere stations, the Argentine Islands and Port Stanley, are analyzed using a method previously developed by the authors. Negative trends of the critical frequency foF2 are found for both stations. The magnitudes of the trends are close to those at the corresponding (close geomagnetic latitude) stations of the northern hemisphere, as considered previously by the authors. The values of the F2 layer height hmF2 absolute trends ΔhmF2 are considered. The effect of ΔhmF2 dependence on hmF2 found by Jarvis et al. (1998) is reproduced. A concept is considered that long-term changes of the geomagnetic activity may be an important (if not the only) cause of all the trends of foF2 and hmF2 derived by several groups of authors. The dependence of both parameters on the geomagnetic index Ap corresponds to a smooth scheme of the ionospheric storm physics and morphology; thus, a principal cause of the foF2 and hmF2 geomagnetic trends is most probably a trend found in several publications in the number and intensity of ionospheric storms.

Key words. Ionosphere (ionosphere-atmosphere interaction; ionospheric disturbances)