Articles | Volume 18, issue 8
31 Aug 2000
31 Aug 2000

About the relationship between auroral electrojets and ring currents

A. Grafe and Y. I. Feldstein

Abstract. The relationship between the storm-time ring current and the auroral electrojets is investigated using IMAGE magnetometer data, DSt and H-SYM, and solar wind data. Statistical results as well as the investigation of single events show that the auroral electrojets occur also during nonstorm conditions without storm-time ring current development and even during the storm recovery phase of increasing DSt. A close correlation between electrojet intensity and ring current intensity was not found. Though the eastward electrojet moves equatorward during the storm main phase there is no unequivocal relationship between the movement of the westward electrojet and the ring current development. All these results suggest that the auroral electrojets and the ring current develop more or less independently of each other.

Key words: Magnetospheric physics (magnetosphere-ionosphere interactions; storms and substorms)