Articles | Volume 18, issue 2
29 Feb 2000
29 Feb 2000

Letter to the editor: The ionospheric response during an interval of Pc5 ULF wave activity

M. Lester, J. A. Davies, and T. K. Yeoman

Abstract. A preliminary analysis of Pc5, ULF wave activity observed with the IMAGE magnetometer array and the EISCAT UHF radar in the post midnight sector indicates that such waves can be caused by the modulation of the ionospheric conductivity as well as the wave electric field. An observed Pc5 pulsation is divided into three separate intervals based upon the EISCAT data. In the first and third, the Pc5 waves are observed only in the measured electron density between 90 and 112 km and maxima in the electron density at these altitudes are attributed to pulsed precipitation of electrons with energies up to 40 keV which result in the height integrated Hall conductivity being pulsed between 10 and 50 S. In the second interval, the Pc5 wave is observed in the F-region ion temperature, electron density and electron temperature but not in the D and E region electron densities. The analysis suggests that the wave during this interval is a coupled Alfven and compressional mode.

Key words: Ionosphere (electric fields and currents) - Magnetospheric physics (magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction; MHD waves and instabilities)