Articles | Volume 18, issue 12
31 Dec 2000
31 Dec 2000

Travelling ionospheric disturbance properties deduced from Super Dual Auroral Radar measurements

J. W. MacDougall, D. A. Andre, G. J. Sofko, C.-S. Huang, and A. V. Koustov

Abstract. Based on modeling of the perturbations in power and elevation angle produced by travelling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs), and observed by the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network, procedures for determining the TID properties are suggested. These procedures are shown to produce reasonable agreement with those properties of the TIDs that can be measured from simultaneous ionosonde measurements. The modeling shows that measurements of angle-of-elevation perturbations by SuperDARN allows for better determination of the TID properties than using only the perturbations of power as is commonly done.

Key words: Ionosphere (auroral ionosphere; ionosphere-atmosphere interactions)