Articles | Volume 18, issue 10
31 Oct 2000
31 Oct 2000

On the spectrum of mid-latitude sporadic-E irregularities

Yu. V. Kyzyurov

Abstract. We discuss the creation of mid-latitude sporadic-E plasma irregularities (with length-scales smaller than sporadic layer thickness) by the neutral atmosphere turbulence. Using fluid equations, the relation between plasma density fluctuations and the velocity field of neutrals is derived. After a brief discussion of the relevant neutral turbulence, the analytical expression for the power spectrum of plasma irregularities is obtained. This expression allows a power-law type of experimental irregularity spectra (the spectral index depends on sporadic-E characteristics) and possible departures in detail of the irregularity spectra from the power-law form to be explained. In addition, it allows us to make estimates of length-scales at which such departures must occur.

Key words: Ionosphere (ionospheric irregularities; mid-latitude ionosphere) – Space plasma physics (turbulence)