Articles | Volume 16, issue 1
31 Jan 1998
31 Jan 1998

Upstream waves and field line resonances: simultaneous presence and alternation in Pc3 pulsation events

J. Verõ, H. Lühr, M. Vellante, I. Best, J. Střeštik, J. C. Miletits, L. Holló, J. Szendrõi, and B. Zieger

Abstract. Based on a detailed study of Pc3 events at an array between L = 1.5 and 3 in Central Europe, the authors found quick changes between upstream waves (UW, i.e. pulsation directly driven by UW) and field line resonance (FLR, i.e. azimuthal oscillations of geomagnetic field lines). The alternation of the two types is especially characteristic (and the UW part stronger) if the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) is highly variable. Events due to field line resonance may have a structure consisting of multiple lines with frequencies differing by about 10%, corresponding to neighbouring shells of field lines separated by about 100 km at the surface. This coincides with previous findings (about 10% at a meridional distance of 80 km). The frequency of the UW type is well correlated with the frequency of waves in the interplanetary medium. Additionally, there are signals of unidentified origin which also seem to be influenced by IMF.

>Key words. Magnetosphere Physics · MHD waves and instabilities · Plasmasphere · Solar wind/magnetosphere interactions