Articles | Volume 16, issue 11
30 Nov 1998
30 Nov 1998

Modeling of nonstationary electron precipitation by the whistler cyclotron instability

A. G. Demekhov, A. A. Lyubchich, V. Y. Trakhtengerts, E. E. Titova, J. Manninen, and T. Turunen

Abstract. We study a simple self-consistent model of a whistler cyclotron maser derived from the full set of quasi-linear equations. We employ numerical calculations to demonstrate dependencies of pulsation regimes of whistler-mode wave interactions with energetic electrons on plasma parameters. Possible temporal evolution of those regimes in real conditions is discussed; calculations are compared with case-study experimental data on energetic electron precipitation pulsations. A reasonable agreement of the model results and the observations has been found.

Key words. Magnetospheric physics (Auroral phenomena; Energetic particles · precipitating; Storms and substorms)