Articles | Volume 15, issue 5
Special issue:
31 May 1997
31 May 1997

Structure of the low-latitude magnetopause: MAGION-4 observations

Z. Nemecek, A. Fedorov, J. Safrankova, and G. Zastenker

Abstract. The aims of this paper are (1) briefly to describe the plasma devices onboard the MAGION-4 satellite, launched on 3 August 1995, of the INTERBALL project, and (2) to discuss first observations made near the magnetopause region. During the presented boundary crossings the MAGION-4 observed quasi-periodic pulses of magnetosheath-like plasma in a region of low plasma density. This region is located just earthwards of the magnetopause and is populated by a plasma which, except for the density, has the same parameters as in the magnetosheath. Deeper in the magnetosphere, the encounter of a layer of hot electrons and high-energy ions was interpreted as low-latitude boundary layer.

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