Articles | Volume 14, issue 11
30 Nov 1996
30 Nov 1996

Tentative study of flow patterns in the North Aegean Sea using NOAA-AVHRR images and 2D model simulation

G. Zodiatis, S. Alexandri, P. Pavlakis, L. Jonsson, G. Kallos, A. Demetropoulos, G. Georgiou, A. Theodorou, and E. Balopoulos

Abstract. A statistical technique for image processing, the maximum cross correlation (MCC) method, was utilized on sequences of NOAA-AVHRR thermal data in order to explore the surface advective current dynamics at the discharge region of the Hellespont in the North Aegean Sea. A 2D numerical flow model was also used in order to simulate the barotropic flow pattern of the surface water layer. The model was forced with diurnal wind fields obtained for the same period as the satellite infrared images. The currents (magnitude and direction) derived from the two methods compare satisfactorily despite the fact that some model simplifications were made.